3.5 - 26 August 2013

  • REST API keys
  • Authorisation now supports object-level permissions
  • Front page overview
  • Contextual views for Datafiles, Datasets and Experiments
  • Backwards incompatible database changes
  • Replica multi file location support
  • Migration of replicas
  • Streaming downloads
  • Django 1.5
  • REDIS option for celery queue
  • auto-verify files
  • provisional directory support
  • Pylint testing on Travis CI
  • Some error pages are now functional
  • optionally upload comfortably with
  • Experiment view page load speedup
  • Removed ancient XML ingest format.

3.0 - unreleased

  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • javascript templates
  • backbone.js rendering of datasets
  • UI for transferring datasets
  • bpython shell
  • celery queue

2.0 - Unreleased

  • Auth/Auth redesign [Gerson, Uli, Russel]

    • Authorisation. Support for several pluggable authorisation plugins (Django internal, LDAP, VBL). The added AuthService middleware provides a mechanism to query all available auth modules to determine what group memberships a users has.

    • Alternative authorisation. Rule based experiment access control engine was implemented with the following access attributes for indivdual users and groups: canRead, canWrite, canDelete, isOwner. Additionally, a time stamp can be specified for each access rule.

      Further information can be found at the wiki: Authorisation Engine design

  • Metadata Editing [Steve, Grischa]

  • New METS parser & METS exporter [Gerson]

  • Dist/Buildout infrastructure [Russell]

  • Through the web creation and editing of experiments [Steve, Russell]

  • Through the web upload of files [Steve]

  • Download protocol handler [Russel, Uli]

  • Logging framework [Uli]

  • Django 1.3

1.07 - 01/06/2010

  • Publish to interface created, though not implemented, pending legal text

1.06 - 15/03/2010

  • Parameter import interface for creation of new parameter/schema definitions
  • iPhone Interface

1.05 - 01/03/2010

  • Images as parameters supported
  • Data / metadata transfer from synchrotron is now ‘threaded’ using asynchronous web service transfers.

1.0 - 01/02/2010

  • MyTARDIS created from existin MyTARDIS python / django codebase
  • Allows private data to be stored
  • Open key/value parameter model, replacing current crystallography one
  • Internal data store for data
  • LDAP Login
  • Pagination of files
  • Creation of synchrotron-tardis from MyTARDIS codebase including specific code for the VBL login service and data transfer to MyTARDIS deployments.
  • Web server changed to apache and mod_wsgi

0.5 - 2009

  • Re-wrote federated index (python / django)
  • Federated stores are now simple web server based with optional FTP access
  • Runs on Jython / Tomcat

0.1 - 2007

  • Federated index (php) running on Apache HTTP Server
  • Crystallography data deposition and packaging tools for Fedora Commons (java swing desktop)
  • Search Interface via web

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