tardis Package

tardis Package

manage Module

search_sites Module

settings_changeme Module

tardis.settings_changeme.ALLOWED_HOSTS = ['*']

For security reasons this needs to be set to your hostname and/or IP address in production.

tardis.settings_changeme.AUTOGENERATE_API_KEY = False

Generate a tastypie API key with user post_save (tardis/tardis_portal/models/hooks.py)

tardis.settings_changeme.BROKER_URL = 'django://'

use django:, add kombu.transport.django to INSTALLED_APPS or use redis: install redis separately and add the following to a custom buildout.cfg:

django-celery-with-redis redis hiredis
tardis.settings_changeme.DEEP_DATASET_STORAGE = True

Set to true if you want to preserve folder structure on “stage_file” ingest, eg. via the METS importer. Currently, only tested for the METS importer.

tardis.settings_changeme.DEFAULT_ARCHIVE_FORMATS = ['tar']

Site’s preferred archive types, with the most preferred first other available option: ‘tgz’. Add to list if desired

tardis.settings_changeme.METADATA_STORE_PATH = '/home/docs/checkouts/readthedocs.org/user_builds/mytardis/envs/3.5/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/var/store'

storage path for image paths stored in parameters. Better to set to another location if possible

tardis.settings_changeme.REDIS_VERIFY_DELAY = 86400

delay between verification attempts in seconds

tardis.settings_changeme.REDIS_VERIFY_MANAGER = False

Uses REDIS to keep track of files that fail to verify

tardis.settings_changeme.SECRET_KEY = 'ij!%7-el^^rptw$b=iol%78okl10ee7zql-()z1r6e)gbxd3gl'

Before running as production server Make this unique, and don’t share it with anybody.

tardis.settings_changeme.SITE_TITLE = None

customise the title of your site

tardis.settings_changeme.SPONSORED_TEXT = None

add text to the footer to acknowledge someone

tardis.settings_changeme.UPLOAD_METHOD = 'uploadify'

can be changed to an app that provides an upload_button function, eg. “tardis.apps.filepicker.views.upload_button” to use a fancy commercial uploader. To use filepicker, please also get an API key at http://filepicker.io


test_settings Module


urls Module


views Module

tardis.views.error_handler(request, **kwargs)


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