Additional Tabs

MyTARDIS supports pluggable tabs to provide additional information and processing on experiments. Documentation on the configuration of additional tabs is available at Installing MyTARDIS.

A brief introduction is provided below for each of the additional tabs supplied with MyTARDIS.

ANDS Register

The ANDS Register tab allows experiment owners to mark their experiment as available for harvesting by Research Data Australia (RDA), and optionally making the data public.

The fields include:

An optional comma separated list of authors. If absent, the experiment authors will be used.
An optional description of the experiment. If absent, the experiment abstract will be used.
The license under which the experiment is made available
Access Type

The type of access to the data:

  • Unpublished - the experiment is private, i.e. only accessible to authorised MyTARDIS users
  • Private - the experiment is listed in RDA, but no access to the data or metadata is provided
  • Mediated - the experiment is listed in RDA, the experiment owner must be contacted in order to gain access to the data and metadata
  • Public - the experiment is made public, i.e. anonymous access to the data and metadata is provided, and listed in RDA with a link back to the experiment in MyTARDIS.

Summary Table

The summary table provides an tabular view of the datafiles. Columns may be hidden, sorted (current view only), filtered and the experiment saved as a CSV file.

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