tardis.apps.deep_storage_download_mapper package


tardis.apps.deep_storage_download_mapper.mapper module

File mapper that works for files stored in deep directory structures. It recreates the structure as stored in the datafile directory

tardis.apps.deep_storage_download_mapper.mapper.deep_storage_mapper(obj, rootdir=None)
  • obj – The model instance (DataFile, Dataset or Experiment) to generate a path for.
  • rootdir – The top-level directory name, or None

Filesystem-safe path for the object in the archive or SFTP view.

If rootdir is None, just return a filesystem-safe representation of the object, e.g. “DatasetDescription_123” or “strange %2F filename.txt”

For now, only DataFiles are supported when rootdir is not None.

tardis.apps.deep_storage_download_mapper.urls module

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