tardis.tardis_portal.storage package


tardis.tardis_portal.storage.file_system module

class tardis.tardis_portal.storage.file_system.MyTardisLocalFileSystemStorage(location=None, base_url=None)

Bases: django.core.files.storage.FileSystemStorage

Simply changes the FileSystemStorage default store location to the MyTardis file store location. Makes it easier to migrate 2.5 installations.

tardis.tardis_portal.storage.squashfs module

SquashFS Storage Box

setup requirements: user-owned mount root dir mytardis user must have access to files in squashfs file based on immutable permissions set in squashfile. In easy cases, one group owns everything and the mytardis user can be added to that group.

set up autofs to auto-mount squashfiles

class tardis.tardis_portal.storage.squashfs.SquashFSStorage(sq_filename=None, datafile_id=None, sq_dir=None)

Bases: django.core.files.storage.FileSystemStorage

Only works for autofs mounted squashfs files Please provide a setting that maps source dir and mount dir, e.g.: SQUASHFS_DIRS = {‘tape’: {‘source’: ‘/my/tape/mount’,

‘autofs’: ‘/taped-squashfiles’},
‘volume’: {‘source’: ‘/my/volume/storage’,
‘autofs’: ‘/volumed-squashfiles’}}
squashfs_dirs = None
walk(top='.', topdown=True, onerror=None, ignore_dotfiles=True)
tardis.tardis_portal.storage.squashfs.get_parse_status(squash_datafile, ns)

Module contents

class tardis.tardis_portal.storage.DummyStorage

Bases: django.core.files.storage.Storage

Does nothing except serve as a place holder for Storage classes not implemented yet

exception tardis.tardis_portal.storage.MisconfiguredStorageError

Bases: exceptions.Exception