When creating a new database the migrate command will need to be called to initialise the schema and insert the initial data fixtures.


python migrate


Some of the upgrades to MyTardis will require that the database schema be upgraded to match the internal data model. The migrate command migrates data from old database schemas to the current one. It detects which version of the database you are currently running and will automatically migrate to the current version.

In certain cases it is also necessary to update the permissions table.


python migrate

If the model changes require it, run:

python update_permissions

creating superuser

After success of database initialization or migration, please use a command line utility called createsuperuser to create an administrator account using the admin site which is hooked to the URL /admin/.


python createsuperuser


Previous versions of MyTardis included a backupdb management command but it has been removed in 4.0. Please use the recommended backup tool for your database engine, e.g. pg_dump or mysqldump.