MyTardis Hierarchical Storage Management(HSM) App


The MyTardis Hierarchical Storage Management app allows MyTardis deployments to view online/offline(disk/tape) status for a file on a HSM file storage system. This app also allow users to request recalling individual datafile or a dataset that has been moved to tape.


To enable the app, include tardis.apps.hsm in settings.INSTALLED_APPS:


This app will only try to find online/offline status for files backed by

To configure a as a type of HSM file system, update following details for a storage box:

Django storage class as

Also update following Storage Box Attributes

  • Key as remote_path and value as path to remote HSM filesystem share e.g:
  • Key as mount and value as mount point for above remote path e.g: /srv/abc_vault

Default settings for this app is available at tardis.apps.hsm.default_settings