tardis package



tardis.app_config module

class tardis.app_config.AbstractTardisAppConfig(app_name, app_module)

Bases: django.apps.config.AppConfig

All MyTardis app configuration classes should extend this abstract class to have their APIs and URLs automatically added to URL routing.

app_dependencies = []
tardis.app_config.check_app_dependencies(app_configs, **kwargs)

Checks currently installed apps for dependencies required by installed apps as defined by the app_dependencies attribute of the AppConfig object, if present.

  • app_configs (AppConfig) – a list of app_configs to check, or None for all apps to be checked
  • kwargs (list of args) – unknown list of args

a list of unsatisfied dependencies

Return type:

list of strings


Gets a list of tuples where the first element is the app name, and the second is the module path

Returns:a list of tardis apps
Return type:list of apps

Determines whether the installed app is a MyTardis app

Parameters:app_config (AppConfig) – the AppConfig object of an installed app
Returns:True if the app is a MyTardis app, False otherwise
Return type:bool

tardis.celery module

tardis.test_on_mysql_settings module

tardis.test_on_postgresql_settings module

tardis.test_settings module


tardis.views module

tardis.views.error_handler(request, **kwargs)

Module contents

importing all views files here, so that any old code will work as expected, when importing from tardis.tardis_portal.views