SFTP Access

SFTP is a secure and convenient way to access, browse and download large Experiments, Datasets and Files from MyTardis.

In order to access data on MyTardis via SFTP, you will first need to install an SFTP client. There are many free and commercial SFTP clients for you to choose from; however, we recommend Cyberduck (Win & Mac), FileZilla (All platforms) or WinSCP (Win only) for the majority of users. The instructions here will focus on Cyberduck (Win & Mac).

Browse and Download your MyTardis data using SFTP

  1. Open your SFTP client and create a new connection with the following configuration:
Parameter Value
Server: URL for your MyTardis deployment e.g. https://store.erc.monash.edu
Port: 2200
Username: Your MyTardis username
Password: Your MyTardis password

Note: you should substitute your MyTardis details for italicised values.

  1. Click Connect
  2. Upon successful connection you will be presented with a file browser showing all your data on MyTardis.

Data is organised according to the Experiment/Dataset/Data File hierarchy/structure described in the Organising Data section.

Browse and/or Download a Specific Experiment or Dataset

MyTardis also provides a convenient way to access/browse a particular Experiment or Dataset via SFTP.

  1. Navigate to the Experiment or Dataset page that you want to access via SFTP using your web browser.
  2. There is an SFTP button in the Download section on both the Experiment and Dataset views.
  1. Clicking the SFTP button at either of these two locations will redirect you to a page with instructions and links for starting an SFTP session for a specific experiment or dataset.